Fair Family Law specialise in complex and high conflict parenting matters, including those matters involving allegations of abuse and ‘unacceptable risk’ to the children.

Fair Family Law recognise and understand that determining parental responsibility and establishing parenting arrangements following separation is often difficult. We understand that parenting arrangements are often complicated by complex and difficult factors Including:

  • family violence
  • drug and alcohol abuse
  • mental health issues
  • allegations of sexual abuse, real or false
  • special needs of a child

Fair Family Law have experience in matters involving specific issues such as:

  • medical treatment and immunisation
  • choice of school
  • change of name
  • passports and travel with children
  • relocation to another city or state or country with the children
  • time with grandparents
  • contravention of parenting orders
  • paternity issues

Fair Family Law have experience in urgent and interim matters involving specific issues such as:

  • abduction and recovery of children
  • airport watch list orders
  • injunctions for personal protection of a parent or child
  • psychiatric assessment of a parent
  • drug testing

Fair Family Law provide sound advice and representation in all parenting matters. We will guide you through the process so that the Court can make a determination about parental responsibility as well as determining which parent the child lives with and spend time arrangements for the other parent.

Of course, there are also cases whereby separating parents reach arrangement in respect of parenting for the children at an early stage and not require the assistance of the Court. In most of these cases a level of certainty is nonetheless required to ensure a working routine is in place for the children. It is therefore important to formalise parenting arrangements, and in these cases we recommend parents enter into Consent Orders. Consent Orders provide parents with security as the Orders are legally binding on both parents and are enforceable by the Court. Fair Family Law will negotiate on your behalf or assist you to negotiate appropriate arrangements and prepare Consent Orders to give legal effect to your agreement.


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